The North Loop just got longer!

A new section of trail has been added to the North Loop just to the south of Cascade Village. It is rolling easy terrain and has added about a third of a mile to the North Loop. And the existing trails out on the North end, the North Pole, the North Star and the Stay Forever Loop have all been regraded, levelled out and had a lot of rocks and stumps removed. We want to give a big thanks to Terry and Grady James of AJ Construction for all their great work.

We have also built a new connector trail from the Boyce Lake Overlook up to the North Loop. This gives skiers more loop options and should be very useful if we have another low snow year as it is all shady and tilted to the North.

Trails close to the center have had a facelift too. The top of Beast Hill has been regraded and both the Aspen Loop and the Bench Loop have had lots of rock removal and levelling. These are all measures that help us deal with a low snow year so hopefully, Mother Nature is watching and will send us another huge winter just to show us who is in charge!