Racing Tough: Maggie's Senior Nationals Report

Durango Nordic athlete Maggie Wigton spent January 7-12 in Soldier Hollow, Utah at U.S.  Cross Country Championships, racing against talented skiers from all over the country.  Facing variable and difficult conditions, Maggie finished each race with her trademark optimism and clocked some impressive results.  Here, she shares some of the lessons she learned. Thanks Maggie!

I recently returned from a week of racing at the U.S. Senior Nationals. Despite the negative twenty degree weather followed by relentless rain, I was inspired by the hundreds of athletes, wax techs and coaches who were unfazed by the challenging conditions. So many believe that Nordic racing is as simple as training hard and perfecting technique, however once you step onto the start line it becomes so much more. Whether your wax is flawless or far from ideal, once the race begins you can only control how you react to course challenges and wax difficulties. I watched as many racers let the tough conditions and slippery wax defeat them, but it was the ones who remained optimistic and determined who achieved success. There are so many outside factors that go into a race.  If you focus on what you can control, there is no reason to be upset with the result. Being able to race against the best in the nation was such an exciting experience, and I can’t wait to apply the lessons I learned to the rest of my season.