Thank you for choosing to support The Durango Nordic Ski Club, a nonprofit with a mission to provide individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn, enjoy, and improve in the sports of Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking.

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Thank you!


The Durango Nordic Ski Club is extremely fortunate to have a community of people dedicated to the success of the organization which includes operating both the Nordic Team and the Nordic Center. Like most nonprofit organizations, volunteers are critical to the long-term livelihood of the Club. Volunteers reduce operating costs and support activities that generate revenue. Below are a few options to volunteer.


Center Staff – Many of the Nordic Center’s staff are volunteers and received a pass in exchange for their contribution.

Center Events – The Nordic Center is host to races and social events throughout the winter season. We are always in need of volunteers from the community to support these events.

Social Media – Do you like taking pictures and using social media? Let us know as we could use your support to help us capture and share the fun and beauty that happens daily at the Nordic Center.

Grant Writing – Periodically, the Nordic Center and Team may pursue a grant and could use the support of a talented grant writer.