U20 / U18 / U16 Race


U20 / U18 / U16 Race

1,300.00 1,430.00

Program Dates: November - End of March
Practice Days: 5 days a week:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Strength program included.
Program Fee: Before November 1: $1300
After November 1: $1430

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The Durango Nordic Race Program is tuned towards competition minded skiers who wish to reach their full potential. Participants compete in Rocky Mountain Nordic (RMN) Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) races in Colorado and Utah. The season begins in November with dryland training and continues through the end of March (depending on snow and racing schedule).

The DNSC U20/U18/U16 Race Program is for high school aged skiers with a focus on racing and achieving their fullest potential. Athletes develop skills and fitness in a fun environment with a goal of competing in local, statewide, national, and potentially international competitions. Each individual works with his/her coach to establish goals and develop an annual training plan. Athletes will meet with coaches for a mid season evaluation and an end of season evaluation.

November (dryland) - End of March
After school & weekend practices.

JNQs are held on the weekends throughout Colorado and Utah and athletes are highly encouraged to race.

Any athlete racing a Junior National Qualifier (JNQ) race (or any USSA sanctioned event) must have a current year USSA Cross Country Competitor Membership. Go to http://my.ussa.org to renew and/or sign up.