DNSC U14/U12/U10 Race Program


DNSC U14/U12/U10 Race Program

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The DNSC Race Program is tuned towards competition minded athletes. The program focuses on putting together a strong team that will compete in RMN Junior National Qualifier races, but that is not the only goal of the Race Team. If you are a competition minded athlete - For example a runner or mountain biker - Participation in the DNSC Race Program is a great way to cross train for your warm weather activities.

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Race Program details:

  • U12 - U14 Race Program
    • 4 practices a week (72 practices a season) on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
    • Scheduled check in once a week with head coach to discuss progress on training plan and objectives.
    • Season: November - mid-March (dryland until snow flies)
    • Price: $875