JM Boyce Lake Land Holdings, LLC Purchases Purgatory Nordic Trail Lands

Local philanthropists purchase 190 acres of Boyce Lake and Tacoma Village Land at DMR with the goal of preserving Purgatory’s Nordic ski trails

DURANGO, Colo. – JM Boyce Lake Land Holdings, LLC, owned by local philanthropists Jane and Marc Katz, announced today that they have purchased 190 acres of land in the Boyce Lake and Tacoma Village area within the Durango Mountain Resort community.

The primary goal of this acquisition, according to Jane Katz, principal manager of JM Boyce Lake Land Holdings, LLC, is to preserve and improve the existing Nordic ski trail system at Purgatory. The Purgatory Nordic Center is the largest Nordic facility in region, with over 23 kilometers of groomed trails. The facility offers individuals of all ages and abilities the opportunity to learn and enjoy the sports of cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and fat tire biking. It is the only Nordic facility in La Plata or San Juan County that offers residents and visitors reliable winter conditions and essential services to maintain and access this volume of Nordic trails, including grooming, on-site rental equipment, lessons and a community center/lodge with bathrooms and other amenities. The Purgatory Nordic Center and Nordic ski trails are home to the Durango Nordic Ski Club, (DNSC) a nonprofit organization that helps young athletes achieve great things as individuals and as competitors via one of the most successful and respected junior Nordic skiing programs in the country. DNSC and the Purgatory Nordic Center have hosted U.S. National and NCAA Nordic Championships and served as the training grounds for numerous local Olympians including Mike Elliott, A.P. Small, Ronnie Yeager and Tracy and Lanny Barnes.

“We look forward to working with members of the Purgatory community to preserve and improve the trail system on the property, help plan Phase Two of the Community Park and explore potential for other recreational and cultural uses,” said Jane Katz.

 “Jane and Marc’s vision for the recreational potential of DMR’s Boyce Lake and Northern Tacoma Village lands is very exciting”, said Gary Derck, CEO of Durango Mountain Land Company, LLC and former CEO at Purgatory. “They will still have entitlement for future development if they ever choose to add some Nordic ski-in/ski-out residential amongst the trails”, said Gary, “but they can take time and decide the best way to maximize the recreational potential of the land. This kind of recreational vision, and the potential for even more entertainment and amenities in the future, will create tremendous value for Purgatory Resort, the existing residents of the Durango Mountain Resort community and our future development parcels, which we will continue to develop as the resort area’s master developer.”


For more information, please contact Moira Compton, representing JM Boyce Lake Land Holdings, LLC at (970) 769-0521, or Gary Derck, CEO of Durango Mountain Land Company, LLC at (970) 426-7249,