The Nordic Center welcomes fat bikes on our trails. Like all visitors, a season or day pass is required. To share the trails and keep them in the best condition, we ask that fat bikers follow these simple rules for trail etiquette:

  • We highly recommend you call us at (970) 385-2114 before you come the the Nordic Center to ask if the trail conditions are acceptable for fat biking.
  • We do not allow riding on powder days (honestly - you should be at Purgatory skiing the freshies anyway!) and potentially the following days after a storm. Please call to inquire if it has snowed recently. We also do not allow riding on afternoons during warm spring days / conditions. Our goal is to allow the trails to be used by both skiers and bikers without causing damage to the trails.
  • If you leave a rut deeper than one inch, it’s too soft to ride. If the trails turn out to not be appropriate for riding once you are on them, we ask that you please head back to the Center and we will give you a full refund for your day pass. We also can provide nearby recommendations for riding elsewhere. 
  • Our parking lot can get muddy! If mud gets on your tires, please clean the tires in a snowbank before you ride. Dirt on trails causes snow to prematurely melt, which is a major bummer for all users. 
  • Ride on the firmest part of the track and do not ride in the classic tracks (the two parallel lines grooved into the snow). 
  • We only allow genuine fat bikes, no mountain bikes; tires must be 3.5” or bigger.
  • Yield to all other users when riding and leave room for skiers to pass.
  • Be an ambassador for the sport: stay polite, educate other riders, discourage bad behavior, and please follow the rules so we can keep the trails open for everyone!
  • Hang out on the deck, enjoy the views, and meet new friends when you are done biking! Thanks for reading this and coming to the Nordic Center. We look forward to seeing you here!


The Event Series for Skiers and Fat Bikers! This long standing Durango event brings together skiers and fat bikers to celebrate winter from beginning to end. Three distances, three costumes, with three ways to win over three Saturdays from December through March. 


Four epic and consecutive Wednesdays for Skiers, Fat Bikers, and Snowshoers! 
WARNING: Twilight Nights is not your typical Wednesday night out. Set at the base of Purgatory, this short track race series is for Nordic skiers, fat bikers, and snowshoers to battle it out in the dark, up and down punishing terrain, and around quick turns while being cheered on by the visiting gapers sitting outside at Purgy’s. If you like normal, stay home and watch Netflix.