DHS Nordic Team

The Durango Nordic Ski Club is partnering with Durango High School to create a High School nordic ski team which will race in the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) league. This page serves to provide DHS Nordic Team information relevant to athletes and parents alike.


Registration for DHS Nordic Team

Any athlete who desires to be a member of the DHS Nordic Team must register through the DHS Ski Team homepage. Durango Nordic Ski Club DOES NOT handle registration or collect fees. Your registration makes you eligible to participate in CHSAA events.

Click the link below to register.

Practice Schedule

Monday & Wednesday after school
Proposed Start: December 26, 2018
Proposed End Date: February 22, 2019

Coaching Staff

Gunther Ott is the DHS Nordic Head Coach but all members of the Durango Nordic Ski Club coaching staff will be supporting the DHS program and participants.

Practice Location

Practices will be held at the Durango Nordic Center (across 550 from Purgatory Resort) unless we have good snow in town and can practice at Hillcrest Golf Club.

Practice Transportation:

Transportation provided to and from practice location on Monday and Wednesday. It is proposed to meet at Durango Rec Center in back parking lot, behind the baseball fields BEFORE 4 pm. The bus returns by 6:45 pm.

Race Schedule & Results

  • Saturday, January 12 - Mass Start Classic at Spring Gulch in Carbondale - RESULTS

  • Saturday, January 19 - Wave start Skate in Minturn - RESULTS

  • January 26 - Same day pursuit at Snow Mountain Ranch - CLASSIC RESULTS / SKATE RESULTS

  • February 2 - Individual Start Classic at ASPEN - RESULTS

  • February 8 - Individual Start Skate STEAMBOAT - RESULTS

  • February 21 & 22 - CHSSA STATE CHAMPS at Durango Nordic Center - RESULTS

See the DHS Calendar or click here for list of events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I join the DHS team, do I have to race the high school races?
    No, but racing is encouraged because it is fun both for the travel, but also the competition in general. There are five high school race opportunities which provide the opportunity to qualify for the State Championships which are being held here at home this year. Why not try to qualify? Your participation helps DHS qualify and be more competitive at the state championships which combine Nordic and Alpine performance together in rankings.

  2. I am a Ski Meister and have to practice Monday and Wednesday with Alpine - How do I practice Nordic?
    Accommodations are being made that ski meister(s) can practice with the DNSC Race team on Thursdays by exception. This is only for meisters and is not to be used by convenience for others on the DHS Team who simply wish to practice on Thursday instead of another day. Transport for the meister will be provided to/from the rec center via the DNSC Team Van.

  3. Do I get a Durango Nordic Center Season Pass as a member of the DHS Nordic Team? Can DHS team members race JNQs?
    DHS team members receive a season pass and are entitled to ski at the nordic center the entire 2018-2019 season. Your skiing is not restricted. Your practice days with coaching are, however, limited to the dates DHS has contracted DNSC to provide coaching. DHS family members do not qualify for Club Family Member Season Pass discount unless they are also DNSC program participants. If a DHS athlete wishes to extend their practice sessions, arrangements can be made separately with DNSC. Email treasurer@durangonordic.org to discuss options.

  4. Can DHS team members race JNQs?
    DHS team registration includes CHSAA membership. It does not include Rocky Mountain Nordic membership so the DHS only members are not eligible to race in RMN JNQs (including the home JNQ being held at the nordic center in February).

    DHS team members are welcome to join DNSC for all center events, Coke Races, and non JNQ races, but if a DHS team member wishes to race JNQs, they need to obtain a valid USAA license and join a DNSC program at some level (partial season extension, or RMN only member, etc). Email treasurer@durangonordic.org to discuss options.

  5. How do I ‘letter’ at Nordic racing?
    Qualifying for State Championships is being used as the metric for ‘lettering’.

  6. How do I qualify for the State Championships?
    The current understanding is that you can qualify for state championships (in one or both techniques - Classic and/or Skate) by finishing a race in the top 30% of the field plus start at least one more race. That means (if correct) that you could qualify in as few as two races in a single technique.

    If you wish to qualify in both techniques, you would need to finish in the top 30% for BOTH techniques. We do not know if the requirement is to start an additional race per technique (4 total) or whether the other race you qualified counts towards qualification. This is what we need to confirm.

    We are investigating whether there is a single race where both techniques will be raced as it could be a potential target for those looking to qualify in as few races as possible.

  7. I want to practice more than just the proposed DHS practice dates (December, 26, 2018 and February 22, 2019) - What can I do?
    You may contact Durango Nordic Ski Club about options to practice with the DNSC club teams for an extended season. You can start December 17 by extending the early part of the season (suggested) or extend the end of the season to an end date March 15. The cost associated with the extension depends on when you wish to start/end and whether you wish to add additional practice days with the team (make it a 3 day or 4 day program). Joining any DNSC program, even by extension, includes RMN membership which makes you JNQ race eligible. Email treasurer@durangonordic.org to discuss options.

  8. I am already a member of the DNSC Race or Cruisers program. I am signing up for DHS Nordic Team. Do I get any refund from DNSC and how does this change the DNSC program?
    The exact refund amount is still being determined, but yes, if you are a current Cruiser or Race team DNSC club member and you sign up with the DHS Team, a portion of DNSC fees that correlate to the DHS season will be refunded (or credit applied to your DNSC club account). DNSC can not take this refund and pay for your DHS registration for you. The date of the refund is not yet determined, but is intended to happen prior to start of DHS practices. You will need to register and pay for DHS program fees separately. The DNSC refund may be quite similar to the DHS program fee (depending on their policies and your participants activity fee situation). Email treasurer@durangonordic.org if you have questions.

  9. Why should I be a member of both the DHS and DNSC Club team?
    As a member of both teams, you are entitled to race in both Rocky Mountain Nordic JNQs as well as CHSAA races for the high school team if you wish. Your season is longer than if you are only a member of the DHS team alone (DNSC Race team started in November, and Cruisers starts December 17) and lasts a month longer as well. You may be practicing an additional number of days each week as well. Additionally, your direct family are entitled to discount ‘Club Family Member Season Pass’ pricing whereas DHS only do not receive that same discount for family members.